We really had a nice time today. Thank You.

My angry day turned into a week of cooling-off time with my parents. I know they both have mental health issues but they look like my parents and talk like my parents, so when they do things that don’t seem like my parents, I’m having trouble adapting.

The one blessing in this is that they won’t remember what we argued about, and in time, any emotional ghosts left from our argument will leave them as well. After a few days, I was ready to re-engage and we were back on our traditional Sunday breakfast schedule (which only darted into dark territory once). I need to thank my two children for waking up early to faithfully come with me every Sunday. My parents want to spend time with them and it requires us adults to remain civil.

In the afternoon, I had a tennis match and asked if my parents wanted to come see me play. My dad’s mom was a tennis player and it’s a sport I recently took up with great vigor. Their afternoon was free so they came with me and watched me play. Every time I looked over at them, they were smiling. We had some fun chatting about the match on the way home and my mom called twice afterward to tell me how much she enjoyed coming to watch me play.

Eureka! I found something that we can do together and it keeps us out of the squabble zone. Tickled.

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