You Already Used that Story on me Seven Times

The home owners association is meeting at our house tonight.

My mom calls me telling me that in two days she has to go to a home owners association meeting at their townhouse. They know they should be in the retirement community full-time and are coming up with reasons why they have to be back at their townhouse. I’ve been chewing over this new rash of lies both parents seem to be dishing out lately.

I don’t want to disrespect them, but I can’t quietly accept the lies.I have a huge issue with lies. This overwhelming discomfort with them had to come from them.  Lies have always struck me as a coward’s tool.

Now, on a daily basis, my parents are spouting lies left and right. I consider that it could be confabulation, however, this one lie my mom seems to keep repurposing and none of them are on her calendar.

In calm voice with a smile on my face, I tell her she has already used this story on me seven times in the past four weeks – and I wasn’t even here for one of them. She does not like me challenging this tale. I know she’s forgotten she’s used this and doesn’t really understand why seven meetings might be unusual. After she told me about the third meeting being held, I was so concerned I asked one of her neighbors if things were O.K. with the association.

I hope that the gentle push back will somehow register with her. Unfortunately, I think it’s already too late and the typical logical response is unable to form within her brain. I was expecting to get the payback for being a rotten teen from one of my children, however, it seems my parents are going to be the worst children I ever raise. Repaid.

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