Kay H. Bransford has become a recognized expert in how to collect, manage, and organize personal information. Forbes, The Dr. Oz Show, and Huffington Post are a few of the media outlets that have turned to Kay to understand and educate families, caregivers, and retirees on this issue.

As the only local adult child, Kay needed to step in when their health started to fail and they needed a medical advocate.  As things got more difficult, Kay started to step in and pay bills and manage their household and ultimately close down her father’s consulting business. While she held their durable power of attorney, not every institution recognized it, and, in some cases, it took weeks to months to have it recognized so she could help her parents. Kay was raising two children, and both she and her husband held full-time jobs. Managing tasks for her parents was overwhelming, so she created a binder-based system to document, organize, and support them. Many friends and colleagues knew what Kay was going through, and when they started to face similar situations and asked her for a copy of her workbook, MemoryBanc was born.

Since 2012, Kay has been working to advocate for individuals who need help organizing and managing their information. In 2013, AARP Foundation named MemoryBanc an “Older-Adult Focused Innovation.”

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