My brain is bad today

This is a phrase my mom says frequently. However, without the ability to remember in the short term—she doesn’t know that she has had this problem for years. My mom will also tell you that my dad’s memory is bad. It’s not me, it’s him.

Together, however, my parents are a virtual impenetrable force. Neither is willing to say the other’s memory is bad enough that we need to see a doctor about it, or admit they may need to change their current lifestyle because of it.

My parents moved into, part-time, a retirement community over ten years ago. They just won’t move in permanently and always have a slew of reasons why they can’t. So they are now managing two living spaces, which is difficult even for those with all their mental abilities intact.

I’m now on their checking and credit card accounts so I can make sure they are getting paid. I’ve documented all of their bank, retirement and trust accounts, collected all the utility information and also started documenting the repairs.

Will they ever realize that the fact that they can’t manage to pay all of their bills is a sign that they may have some issues with their memory? Perplexed.

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