You were going to come by at 9 today

I’m afraid to state dates and times with my parents now. They just get so jumbled up now. However, I have a family, friends and work too, so I can’t always see them at the same time every week.

After they forgot I was coming over yesterday, the boomerang is that when I called today, my mom comments, “We thought you were going to come by at 9 today.”  Last week, we discussed that date and time, but we had two conversations where she confirmed it was updated in her calendar.

My mom has 3 calendars. I try to help her move to one, but each one has something in it she can’t part with. I have given up trying, so I can only assume that she updated one or maybe even two of the calendars she uses. I’m trying to be patient and greet each possible date with my parents as a little more fluid on their part. Why I continue to do the same things and expect different results baffles and frustrates me. Yeah, so now it’s me, not them. Defeated.

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