I didn’t have any doctor appointments yesterday

I have waited several years for my mom to get tested to find out why her “brain is bad.” She’s had two minor strokes previously that she doesn’t remember and there was no other diagnosis from the neurological testing that followed. When she got to any doctor, she would deny she had any memory issues. We have scheduled other tests, but she’s always wiggled out of them. When we were getting the feedback on my dad’s testing, the psychologist recommended my mom come in and go through the same testing. It was obvious to him during our conversations something was wrong with my mom’s memory too.

When she at first denied the appointment and later confirmed she was going, I was hopeful. I called to follow-up and she gave me 3 different answers as to why she didn’t see the doctor. She put the phone down a few times to ask my dad when I asked a question and just said her “brain was bad” and she doesn’t remember when the appointment was rescheduled.

I immediately shot a note to my siblings—“ARRGGGGG!”—then just sat until my blood cooled. I was surprised that the doctor’s office didn’t call. Wait Kay – your mom’s memory is bad, so is your dad’s. Maybe she forgot she had the 3 hours of tests yesterday?

I called the doctor and found out my mom did get tested. Encouraged.

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