Looking for a Better End for Dementia Sufferers

The front page of The Washington Post carried a story about Adrienne and Charles D. Snelling. They were both found dead in their home after he committed suicide. He was a loving caretaker for his wife who had Alzheimer’s. She sent her children letters sharing “All of our lives, Dad and I have talked over our end of life beliefs. We are both in agreement that neither one of us wants to live after all reasonable hope for a good life is over. . . . We have had such a great life together and with all of you.”

I’m continuing to work on how I will structure and manage my life differently. The stark nature of the Snelling’s choice tells me we can find a better option for individuals and their families suffering from Dementia. Have you made plans for this?  I’d love to hear how you might be dealing with this possible issue in your life. Interested.

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