Coping with a Resistant Parent

I thought you might find something of use on how to cope with a parent who resists help.

I recently attended an event that discussed the role of Geriatric Care Manager. If you are struggling and need some support, this is an emerging group of care professionals specifically focused on serving those that need help – both the individual and the families of that individual. To learn more you can visit the association: National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

They also offer a search to allow you to find a list of these professionals in your home town.  Apologies to my international readers – this is only in the U.S.  but I would guess you have some similar groups emerging in your country.

I’m looking forward to the day when I have a little more clarity and success in how to help my parents. Investigated.

8 thoughts on “Coping with a Resistant Parent

  1. Kay,

    In my opinion, it seems like we have been taking all the appropriate (can’t say “right” exactly) steps based on the article link above.



  2. The one thing I did not see addressed specifically was coping with two parents in similar states of dementia. I had the impression it was written for one parent, but I think we are still doing a decent job of managing them with respect, love, and safety in mind. I know we are very aware of the personal and public safety issues and have been trying to balance what they are coping with regarding person freedom and choice. No formula to follow, but we have been taking the best steps.


    1. Do you have a local adult services agency? They may have some resources. Another option is the local hospital, they should have a social worker who may know of some other resouces to help. Hang in there!

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