Did you get a newspaper today?

My mom calls me this morning and asks “Did you get a newspaper today?” I let her know we did. What’s up Mom? She tells me they didn’t get their newspaper and were thinking they must not have printed one today.

The paper she’s discussing is The Washington Post. She tells me that no one in their neighborhood got one today. I tell her that I can’t imagine a day when The Washington Post failed to print a newspaper. Maybe the paper boy had a problem. She thanks me and hangs up.

I immediately laugh aloud.  It’s not funny ha-ha, it’s funny strange. But that is where my parents live right now – in a very strange world I don’t understand. Disjointed.

2 thoughts on “Did you get a newspaper today?

  1. Actually this was my first inkling something wasn’t right with my mom – the missteps in logic. When this was happening, my mom could still pass the mental memory tests and was pronounced “normal” at the hospital.

    1. ARG! As much as we seem to be progressing medically, somehow we are failing to identify and be able to address this well! Thank you for the note.

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