When caring for a family member, the heart takes over.

Last week I shared the hurt I felt in dealing with my parents who have dementia. I was mad at myself for forgetting they have head injuries. My heart won over my head.

Terry who is caring for her brother Al reminded me that when you are caring for a family member, the heart takes over. It should, but it sure does make things more complicated.

A social worker suggested that I take small breaks when I visit with them. Get up and go the kitchen, bathroom, walk around the block — take that time to remind myself that it’s the disease, not my parent talking to me.

While my parents told us for years, we would never have to worry about them, we feel it’s our duty and honor to help them lead a fruitful life as long as they can. We look forward to the day when we can faithfully fulfill what we feel is our responsibility for the people who gave us so much. Indulged.

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