What Being a Person of Faith Means to Me

I’ve heard so many people say “My faith will get me through this” while facing or overcoming something terrible. I never really understood what it meant.

Sure, I get that they are putting everything in the hands of God. But it always struck me as the response of a defeated person – not one from someone who thinks things are going to work out.

After trying to help my parents for two years, I am succumbing. I am going to stop trying to make things happen because I can’t. I proved that over and over again. I’ve been praying for their safety daily and I decided to put this in God’s hands.

I just fulfilled my own judgment on those people of faith, right? I feel a bit like the character in so many stories that hit bottom. I recognize I can’t make this happen without a higher power stepping in to help my parents and keep them and others safe.

However, I am making this choice because I trust my faith. I’m always the one that says things will work out as they should and now I need to drink my own Kool-Aid.

I tell my siblings that I am just going to back off and let the parents manage as best they can. This doesn’t mean that if they specifically ask for help I would refuse, not be available or act if I get the opportunity.

Within a week of changing to the role of observer, the social worker calls me to meet and tells me they are working to help my parents. When the doctor walked in and started with “I’m a woman of faith,” I took notice.

Within a day of her visit, my sister realizes that any pressure or our participation in any event only makes everything more difficult – my mom’s paranoia has kicked into high gear. We need to be a quiet witness and let this story unfold. Testified.

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      1. Yes, I do enjoy reading your posts. We share so many of the same issues and concerns. It isn’t easy to watch your parents as they deal with dementia and not be able to make them choose the right decisions for their lives!

  1. i shall put this away in the recesses of my mind somewhere, i’m pretty sure i’ll need it a bit later on…

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