Step Two: ???

Dr. J set up the follow-up with my parents which will happen this afternoon. She asked my parents to return with their plan on how they will manage their lives going forward. She told them she is submitting a request to the DMV to rescind their driver’s licenses.

As you can imagine, my mom was angry and tried many different rebuttals to this information. After my mom said that her children should not be making these choices, Dr. J reaffirmed that this had nothing to do with us, this was her duty as a physician. Dr. J told them she wanted them to make the choices on how they would manage their lives going forward.

For the past week, my parents have moved into high gear on sharing they will be putting their townhomes on the market. This wouldn’t be the solution I’d recommend. They are still going to need a driver or a car service to run errands and get to bridge or racquetball.

We have heard this pledge many times before. They really don’t want to change their lives but are good at talking it up to give the sense of real change and buy some more time.

We have no idea how quickly the licenses will be rescinded. Once that happens, we believe it will force them to accept a car service or aide in their lives to manage through their days.

They haven’t told any of us about the appointment. It’s clear we are not welcome in their life to provide help right now. I hope to be able to share step two in the coming days. Benched.

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