When are your sister and her husband landing?

By Greg Bajor

Over the past two days, my mom has asked me several times when my sister and her husband were landing. She wrote on her calendar they were arriving today. I told her to erase it from her calendar so we don’t have this conversation over and over. Apparently, I failed to ensure she erased it, or it’s in one of the secondary or tertiary calendars floating between their two homes.The first time she asked I told her she must have meant something else – my sister was just here last week so I couldn’t imagine she was coming back so quickly. I can’t believe the fact that she doesn’t even remember her being here, or any of the events that were to us, very traumatic, are wiped clean from her memory. “Oh, my brain is getting bad.”

Yes. Yes it is.

The third time she called me to ask me and I told her that I was unaware of any plans to visit, I started to second-guess myself and called my sister to ask if she had any ideas why mom has this in her head?

It turns out that my sister and her husband sent them some toffee. My mom wanted to make sure they took it to their other home so they had it with them to enjoy.

As many of you have counseled me, find the silver lining in these events. The good news is that my mom still remembers my sister and her husband. She knew they sent them a gift – one they really enjoy.

We are like the parents of a newborn and want to surround our parents with a big safety bubble. Thank you to those who send comments and are helping me find the beauty in my journey where it exists. Sustained.

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