Your Dad’s License Has Been Revoked

I knew the form to revoke my parents licenses was submitted by Dr. J. We had no idea when the letter would be sent to my parents. Apparently it arrived today. My mom calls and tells me the news. “Just Dad?” is the first thing out of my mouth.

Awesome to know that it happened within 2 weeks of being submitted, however where is the letter for my mom?  Her diagnosis was moderate to severe dementia.

My mom states they are going to the doctor to get him retested. I sweat a bit wondering if there may be a doctor somewhere, who would refute the medical diagnosis of the first 3 doctors that would put him back on the road.

I haven’t seen the letter but they are under the impression that my dad is quickly losing his driving privileges. I have no idea how far and defiant my parents are going to get on this. Frightened.

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  1. When os the right time to tell your DAd that he can no longer drive? He is 88 and has clinical dementia, however, he has a daily routine of driving to the family business ( that he started in 1984) every day. He received his notification 2 days ago, and we, as a family, don’t know when or how to tell him. He will be devistated and feel more alone and less independent. He is currently living with us since his wife passed away 2 years ago. Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is. My thought is to let him get and open the letter. You are NOT doing this, he got a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles. In the US, he should get an option to retest or contest the ruling. If you aren’t in the states, or in a state that offers an option to prove you can drive, I still think it’s best if he gets and opens the notice to separate you from the loss of the license. Please know that dementia makes it very difficult to respond quickly to split-second decisions. So even though he knows the road and the drive, another driver/pedestrian/biker is a huge threat. I was so worried that something would happen and that my parents would could lose all of their savings if they hit someone/had an accident. Without a valid license, your insurance is null and void and your father is at risk of losing any assets he owns…including his business.

      Are there palatable solutions? Could someone from his work offer to pick him up and bring him home since they realized he is “on the way.” Does he use a smart phone and might it be novel to learn how to call an uber/lyft? Do you have volunteers/villages that might offer free rides?

      Let me know how it goes. He is lucky to have you.

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