Is church at 11 or 10-9?

We had a major storm in the area that knocked out power for millions of households.  I call my parents and they say they have power.  I decide to visit and my kids join  me as I drive over to my parents. On the way we debate the likelihood that they really have power.

When we get there we find they do have power and are doing fine. We talk about seeing them on Sunday. I mention that our church has gone to summer hours and starts earlier. My mom asks if it starts at 11 am or goes from 10 to 9 am?

This statement stops the conversation as we all try to interpret what she said. My dad turns to her and asks her what she meant. She repeatedly asks if church is from 10 to 9?  He follows up to find out if she knows of any churches that have 11 hour services. She is obviously perplexed and doesn’t really understand how what she said was off.

As we are walking out the door my dad looks at my son and asks him how tall he is. He says he’s 6 feet now. My dad says he must be a little taller since he’s 6 feet himself and my son is obviously a few inches taller than him. My dad was 6 feet as some point so we figure maybe he has shrank a little. My mom pipes in and says “No, you are just 7 feet tall!”

My son immediately smiles and chuckles. In a kind way he tells his nana that he is not 7 feet tall.

We like to visit my parents in the morning. They are crisper early in the day. While this isn’t the first time my mom has said some off-beat comments we didn’t really understand, today it seems more notable because they were really more jumbled concepts as opposed to the same fabricated story being told over and over. Registered.

2 thoughts on “Is church at 11 or 10-9?

  1. There is something about numbers, whether it is times or amounts or differences between numbers. I find that that is where I have the most problems with my Grandma. She often reverses numbers when reciting them from memory, and when given two numbers she will often get stuck working out which one is the higher figure. I’m not sure that there is anything to help them with that, but I’d be interested to know if you find any helpful hints.

    1. That is interesting to hear. In the testing, she was shown to be much paper when she saw information over when she heard it — next time I will write it down to see if it makes a difference.

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