Should I go wake up your sister?

My mom’s voice is gravelly and panicked. “Kay…..” I expect to receive some terrible news, but she continues “your sister is still sleeping , should I go wake up your sister?”

“Hmmm. Why do you think you need to wake her up?”

“Her flight is this morning, she is going to miss her flight!”

“No mom. Her flight is this afternoon. She has plenty of time between now and when she was going to come over to my house later today. Let her sleep.”

“Should I wake her up in a ½ hour?”

“No, let her sleep. She is on West Coast time and was probably up late last night.”

“Her door is locked. Should I go bang on her door and wake her up?”

“No, I’d let her sleep. She’s a big girl now and I’m sure she set her alarm.”

My sister is the bravest. She is staying with my parents. She went over two days ago and made it through two days and two nights.

I’m happy when the call ends so I can laugh out loud. My mom is very suspicious now and the fact that she knows that my sister’s door is locked means she already tried to barge in and wake her up. I have the feeling that my mom is going to somehow disable that lock before the next visit. Predicted.

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