Did you know we missed brunch today?

I get a call from my mom today at 2 PM. She says she found a note that we had a reservation for brunch at noon – did I forget?

Thankfully I was on the tennis court and missed the call. However, this morning with my parents was rough and I’m alarmed that she forgot that we came over, picked them up and took them to brunch.

At brunch this morning, both my parents were unusually mean-spirited and by the end of brunch, everyone was bickering. I don’t think I can have my children around my parents any longer. My mom was using profanities and throughout the meal they made fun of the people around our table. I couldn’t squelch it.

I reminded my parents they raised me practicing the mantra that if “you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”

My dad disagrees with me and says he thinks it’s okay if they don’t hear you say it.

Today at brunch, I really missed my parents and resented the people who have taken their place. Disheartened.

2 thoughts on “Did you know we missed brunch today?

  1. oh yeah – reminding your parents to use their manners… it’s worse than having toddlers… at least the toddlers respect you… the parents still think they’re right.

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