The constant transition to the “new” normal

The past few months have provided my life with constant change. In addition to the delightful summer schedule of my children (every mom will sense the sarcasm dripping from that sentence), my parents have undergone a major change.

Together they believed they were still managing well. They forgot the missed bills, IRS issues and double contracts for simple home repairs. My mom lost the ability to differentiate a credit card statement from a bill paid by check.

We were frightened for our parent’s safety as well as the safety of others on the road. When we finally found a doctor who knew how to revoke their licenses, we were appreciative.

Each day brings a new memory of this for my parents, be it wondering where the car is parked to the assertion that they have been given back their license.

My brother hid both cars so we won’t have to worry that the temptation to drive is still dancing in either mom or dad’s brain.

However, the loss of the license disrupted my parents “routine” of driving between their two homes. As they adjust, they seem to be recognizing how difficult life has become living in two places. My mom’s purse has been lost and yesterday they called me in a panic because they had no money to be able to pay for a cab ride.

We are working to provide my parents with a life that offers them meaning and purpose. Unknowingly, they have made this very difficult, but I recognize the very real emotion and pride behind their actions. Recognized.


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