Don’t try to Outthink Dementia

My siblings have come to town to give me a break and take my parents to follow-up Neurology appointments in hopes of getting a more specific “dementia” diagnosis. (THANK YOU!)

My parent’s last appointments were brutal on the three of us. It was an ongoing three-hour review of testing and I left totally bummed for my parents as well as just exhausted. We sat through hours of details on their memory and brain deficits.

For this next appointment, we made sure the date and time was on their calendar and discussed the appointments with both parents.

My brother calls the morning of the appointment to confirm arrival time and my dad responds by telling him he is too sick to travel. Yes, too sick to go to a medical appointment.

My brother then confirms the pick-up time with my mom. My brother and sister get my mom to the appointment only to find it’s really just initial screening and the next step is to schedule an MRI. When they stop by my parents place, my dad seems to have a made a full recovery.

My brother and sister flew from Colorado and California to help and visit with my parents. When I’m talking to my brother, he mentions his frustration.

The words that leap from my mouth were “You can’t outthink crazy.” My brother starts to laugh.

I know what I said sounds disrespectful, but the only way I think I’ve survived the past few months has been by trying to find the humor in our situation. We keep trying to find logic where it has no permanent home in my parents any longer. Changed.

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