The constant promise of change when dementia arrives

While we all seem to wait for the person with dementia to change, the most important change has to happen within ourselves, the caregivers.

I’ve shared this article before, but in re-reading it, I find new meaning in the words Pamela R. Kelley shared in A Caregivers Resolution: No Push-Push.

I’ve had an interesting few weeks as my parent’s dementia has become evident to everyone around them. They still refuse or are still unable to accept any of the advice and recommendations from friends, doctor’s and even the staff at their retirement community.

I’m confounded by the huge difference I feel when I bounce between responding to my parents and my soon-to-be ten-year old daughter. Your first instinct seems to be to take charge and direct, like you would your child. However, that is possibly the worst strategy I might use with my parents.

I’m working on being a better collaborator with my parents. In turn, it make me a better mom in the process. Altered.

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