Keeping my parents with dementia together

I have waffled on this issue but know that we need to keep my parents together. The past few visits, my dad would go with me alone to the grocery store. Yesterday, my mom went with me.

Halfway thorough the two chores we were trying to accomplish (get bread and wire to hang a picture) she started worrying about my dad being alone. He told us he was going to nap and I would repeat that each time she restarted the worry diatribe.

By the time we get to the grocery store, she was jogging through the aisles to get the bread and get home quickly.

When we arrive home, my dad was on the balcony of their apartment and waved to us. My mom jumped out of the car and waved back with a huge smile on her face.  When we get to the apartment she ran to him and gave him a kiss and a hug that he readily returned. I don’t recall ever seeing my parents display this level of shared affection.

In the past month we have learned that my dad needs more care and guidance and my mom has been providing that for him as best she could. Their love is one thing that has improved through the progression of dementia. Pleased.

One thought on “Keeping my parents with dementia together

  1. This one really touched me. My grandmother has Alzheimers. When my grandfather had a stroke, all she would talk about was needing to get him home. When we took her to visit him in rehab they’d sit together on the bed holding hands. The stroke limited his abiilty to care for her, but after 60 years of marriage, just knowing he’s there with her is better than any medicine.

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