Visiting my parents is like a trip to the tropics

heat waveFor almost two months, my parents apartment is a constant 80 degrees. As soon as the door is opened, the heat foil washes over me. When I walk in my mom comments “The apartment is hot” and runs to the thermostat. Can she already see the sweat beads forming on my brow?

Did she not notice that before I arrived or is this the 20th time she has said that this morning?

It happens every time I visit. I walk over and the thermostat is set to 75 so I turn it down. I check it before I leave and make sure it’s at the right temperature. Today, I notice someone turned off the heat. That would be my dad. Instead of trying to adjust it to the right temp, he would just turn it off.

Without memory of the issue, they are in a constant battle with themselves. Thermostats are hard. In this case, it seems like the thermostat is winning. Succumbed.

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