Really, you didn’t want to move into the retirement community?

Sarcasm SocietyI reached a personal milestone. My mom admits to something I believed AND I resisted the urge to respond in a snarky manner. 

As you can tell, I will take my wins any way I can count them.

My mom tells me that  “Your father was right about this place. I did not want to move into the retirement community, but it was a smart decision.” She went on to tell me about how she woke up in the middle of the night and looked out her window. She told me how beautiful the moon was reflecting on the lake. “We didn’t have a lake at the town house.”

Sarcastic Kay wants to say “Really, you didn’t want to move into the retirement community?  I never imagined!”

I’ve written a lot about how my mom / parents would erect road blocks and reasons why they couldn’t move into the retirement community. Over the past few months, we have done all we could to remove each road block.

I know the relationship with my parents is deep and my mom is the vocal one, so I hear what she thinks. While guidance from the professionals surrounding my parents suggests my dad is further along in the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s, he makes a big impact when he chooses to voice his opinion with my mom. However, he typically won’t do this in front of anyone. 

This statement reaffirms my belief that being open and honest and including my parents on each step of this journey in a kind way will pay off. While my dad sits through appointments with the retirement community, the doctors, Adult Protective Services …  and while he might not remember, he still seems to recognize they are reaching their boundaries and can provide wise counsel to my mom. Speculated.

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