Can we see your daughter alone?

hourglassAfter the Doctor visits with my dad, he comes out and asks if he can speak with me alone. My parents nod yes and I walk back to his office with the Social Worker.

The doctor shares that he’s concerned about getting us guardianship. The Social Worker reports that we hold a Durable Power of Attorney, and given that my mom seems to open to moving my dad into assisted living, she does not think we need to pursue that route.

I’m floating between giddy and nauseous. I’m encouraged that my mom actually suggested we move my dad into assisted living, but sick that we are on the precipice of this action.

I know that the change in the environment could easily progress my dad’s cognitive state.

Sadly, I know my mom won’t remember this conversation and it will take time and effort to help them navigate in the direction of assisted living.

This is the second time in a month where I’ve gone to a meeting with my parents and they are asked if the they approve that I meet with the person in private. When I come out of the meetings, they don’t ask what we discussed.

The Social Worker mentions that it just takes time. We all needed some time to adjust. I know I have changed and with a little time, so did my parents ability to accept and trust my support. Aged.

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