You can’t understand what you don’t hear – dementia and hearing loss

new york timesSeveral months ago I met a Doctor of Audiology who showed me a report discussing the relationship of hearing loss and dementia. A story was posted today on The New York Times by Katherine Bouton titled: Straining to Hear and Fend Off Dementia

My husband just shared this story with me and asked me if I had heard about this. I reminded him that “Yes, I do know about this. That is why I got my hearing checked a few months ago.”  I chalk this one up to cognitive overload (thank you honey).

I do recommend a hearing test to everyone in their late 40’s and older. At least as a benchmark. As a child, I’d get my hearing testing annually. As an adult, we have to be more proactive to get this test. My exam was fully covered by my insurance policy.

You can’t understand what you don’t hear. Tested.

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