Gracious Mom has returned

graciousI am still a little skittish … am I in the eye of the storm? Is there a second wave of emotional turmoil that will arrive as swiftly as the first one disappeared? My mom was so difficult to manage during the actual move that I’m waiting for her to return.

The retirement community knows what they are doing and I’m thankful for the resource. They notified my parents of the move and gave them two days notice. My parent’s knew that was unreasonable and fished around to see if we knew in advance. No one broke ranks.

The fact that all four of their children were in town on the day of the move went unmentioned. However, the day they were notified my mom found and called a lawyer. She failed to write the appointment in her calendar and had forgotten about it. We had already looked into the legality of the move and timing and knew the community had the right to make this move.

When the movers arrived right after all four of us children showed up, my mom was surprised. She was angry, confrontational, disruptive and combative. We made it through the day and left my parent’s in the new apartment with the staff as the community recommended.

When I call a few days later to ask if I can come visit, my mom is excited to hear from me. We had a pleasant trip to the grocery store.

When I arrive today, they have already hung more pictures and moved the furniture around. My mom is working on enhancing the frame of a family portrait we had done two Christmas’s ago. It contains everyone from my parents down to the four grandchildren. They have placed it in the middle of the living room wall where they seem to now spend most of their time.

My mom has a list of things to buy and a smile on her face as we head out the door today. Endeavored.

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