How did you get Dad to buy the small bottle?

bigvodkaToday my 15-year old son came with me on my visit with my parents. Both of my parents were interested in running errands. Usually, my mom comes with me while my Dad takes a nap. Today, my Dad is excited to go to the store.

We had to park in the auxiliary lot, which means we had quite a walk to get to the car. I was glad to see my Dad moving so well. He shows no signs of a limp and the dance with the wheelchair two weeks ago is just another odd-ball story from this journey we are on.

For the third visit in a row, my mom wants to go look at “lollipops.”  That is what she now calls cotton underpants. She is only willing to buy one pair, so when we find the package of 3, she refuses to make the purchase. I calmly attend to my mom’s questions and let her make her own choice on this. I know I will have to buy them and sneak them in her drawer to get her to accept replacements.

While we are off on that mission, I asked my son to help Pop-Pop find the section with the alcohol. My dad wants to purchase some Vodka for him and Bourbon for my mom.

The drinking has posed some issues for us over the past few years. However, I’m more concerned that my parents have some things that keep them feeling independent and allow them to follow the same 5 pm “Quiet Time” ritual they have had since I was a small child. We run into trouble when they don’t realize they have already had their drink and return to the bottle for a second. Thankfully, they are now in an environment that can manage and care for my parents should they need help.

Typically, my Dad will grab the biggest bottle he can find. When I return empty-handed with my mom and we rejoin my son and Dad at check out, I’m surprised to see two quarts instead of two gallons.

As we are driving home, I ask my son how he managed to guide my Dad to the sensible choice. He chuckles and just mentions that when my Dad grabbed the first bottle, he was surprised at how large it was and just said, “Wow, that looks like a really huge bottle.”  My dad agreed, put it down and followed my son’s advice on which bottles to buy.

Out of the mouth of babes!  Blessed. 

2 thoughts on “How did you get Dad to buy the small bottle?

  1. When I was a teen, Lollypops was a good brand of underpants that came in colors whereas the cheaper ones were white. For instance, we all had to wear Lollypops under our majorette uniforms as the skirts might go up and shoe our underwear. The Lolllypops were part of the uniform and had to be the same color.

    1. I recalled them being what we called the colored bottoms under our cheerleading uniforms — I just have never heard my mom use the term so it was notable to me. I’d never want to have to wear along – they were kinda rough!

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