Birthday’s and Dementia

82PresentsMy mother recently celebrated her 82nd birthday.  My mom has had trouble remembering her age … however, I can sympathize. I told people I was 48 for almost a year before my husband corrected me and clarified that I was only 47 at the time.

I am starting to recognize that as we approach each holiday or birthday, I’m starting to wonder if this will be the “last time” we can celebrate this moment together. I am working to enjoy the moment and not let that doom and gloom notion drive me when planning. However, I do consider how to make the best of each visit and had fun with my mom’s 82nd birthday.

Since my mom is having trouble remembering her age — and in the hope of extending the birthday tidings beyond just the day of her birthday — my kids and I created 82 presents for my mom and numbered them.

On her birthday, we delivered a basket filled with 82 gifts. We had a few special presents she opened, and told her the rest of the boxes she could open at her leisure.

We visited Micheal’s, and purchased little wedding favor boxes and filled them with chocolates which is a gift she will never grow weary. I don’t expect my mom to remember our visit, or even where the presents came from, but for a little while, she can enjoy her birthday tidings. Celebrated. 

8 thoughts on “Birthday’s and Dementia

  1. Kay, it is hard to remember which birthday to celebrate. Kathy and I try to go someplace different each year for her birthday. This year we went to Barcelona and Figueres Spain for her birthday. Makes it easier to remember each birthday. Best, Guy

    1. Todd and I just discussed this last week. Without kids, moves, jobs, and school changes – it’s hard to remember the years. We were wondering how to make them distinct once the kids are off. I totally understand how those years can start to blur together.

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