The Roller-Coaster of Hope and Anguish

rollercoasterfearFor a few days, we felt hope that we could get my Dad comfortable. We could at least give him some more time to enjoy eating, drinking and talking.

We quickly realize that the road to get my Dad to Radiation is too long and difficult for him to travel. We knew the feeding tube option was horrible, but had hope he might have another good year or two with my Mom.

My first thought when my Dad’s speech was funny was that he was having the swallowing issues seen with Alzheimer’s – but it seemed really early for that to be happening.

We recognize that putting my Dad through general anesthesia, possibly twice, then 7 –weeks of Radiation, will not only be incredibly painful, but will also further accelerate his symptoms.  Might we possibly cure my Dad of cancer to move him into the Dementia Ward?

My brother and I discuss the reality and decide that we are on the wrong path. We request that the Assisted Living facility refer my Dad for Hospice palliative services. Nauseated. 

2 thoughts on “The Roller-Coaster of Hope and Anguish

  1. I believe that is the choice I would have made also. For a patient with dementia, curative treatment will often make the quality of life worse. I’m sorry to see how difficult this has been for your whole family.

    1. At least my Dad is now pain-free. As we deal with our grief, we also know how much this swift change and my Dad’s loss will impact my Mom. I’m still surprised how quickly this all happened which only reinforces that we made the right choice for my Dad.

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