Dr. Oz Focuses on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Today (4/1/2014) Tune In!

drozlogoA month ago I went to New York and was part of the first-ever segment where Dr.Oz discusses dementia and offers some solutions for those of us with a familiar history on how to avoid the fate of our parents. The show is airing today, April 1, 2014. My Dad would have enjoyed knowing the segment I participated in would air on April Fools Day. To find out when and on what channel it airs in your area, check out the station finder.

The good news is that if you miss it, they will post it online to view later. I hope this is the first of many for Dr. Oz. He has the power to educate and build awareness as well as share with us tools for prevention. Gratified.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Focuses on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Today (4/1/2014) Tune In!

  1. Kay, I thought you were superior on the Dr. Oz show. You were relaxed, confident and well spoken. Great job!! Yes, everything I do is about prevention. Personally, I use ground flax seeds in my smoothie every morning. I hope that counts in lieu of fish. I will have to research.

    1. Thanks Martha – It was very interesting and back stage I was working on the next possible topic!

      I have seen some stuff on Flax and Chia — but haven’t had time to look any further. I’m just trying to eat more fish to start. Let me know what you find.

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