Living a Life with a Purpose as We Age

Young Couple In Walking Clothes Resting On Tree In ParkI was raised believing that retirement is what you work toward—the free time to play golf, travel, enjoy a leisurely day—things earned by those who saved well and thus were rewarded with the ability to “retire.”

More than a decade ago, we started hearing news stories about seniors who went back into the work place. Typically, it was a horror story about how they lost all their money in the stock market, or they had a medical condition that wasn’t covered by insurance and drained their resources. But there are positive stories too: I see many seniors working because they want to work; they’re pursuing meaningful endeavors for the joy, meaning and purpose of it—not for the income.

As I watched my parents age, I recognized that the classic concept of total retirement isn’t going to suit my husband and me. We have talked about how we will continue to work, although it’s not so clear what shape that “work” will take in our lives.

My current path has me more focused on giving back to my community and helping other families than on the bottom line. After my experience with my parents, I feel driven to find a solution that fills the gaps left between the legal focus of estate planning, the money focus of financial planning and the personal desire to age with dignity.

Revenues will follow as I pursue my mission to help families avoid the headaches my family faced when my parents could no longer manage their own lives, and we needed to step in to assist them. Thank you, to the hundreds of clients who have supported me on my personal mission. I fully intend to reward your belief in my product by helping you implement and update the MemoryBanc Register and communicate your wishes to those people around you, who will step in to help you when you might need it most. Focused. 

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