A week later, Mom still sporting her sunglasses

momsunglassesday2As you adjust to caring or just loving some one who has dementia, I hope you are finding rewards in the things you can still share and enjoy together. While I don’t want to focus on how long or short this phase of my Mom’s disease state will last, I am enjoying my visits and the small victories.

While we are still PJ challenged, the sunglasses Mom purchased are still in her possession. On our weekly grocery trip my Mom grabbed her sunglasses and put them on before we emerged into the bright sunny afternoon today.

My daughter was with me on this trip  and I noticed that my Mom was having a harder time recalling both of our names. I’m used to being called “Kathy” which is my sisters name, but today, Mom had trouble just recalling my name when she tried to introduce me to one of the personal assistants who has been at her side for two months now.

I say hello and go along with the introduction, as does her personal assistant. We are getting comfortable with the new dynamics. When I arrive, I will typically find one of the assistants walking with my Mom. One of the two have been able to adapt to my Mom’s interests and has found ways to get her out of her apartment, if only to go get a cup of tea and sit in the community center and people watch.

I’m feeling much less guilty about not being able to visit Mom more now that I know she has two people who are there to join her for lunch and work to help her enjoy each day a little more than she would by herself. Temporarily Calmed. 

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