The mysteries accumulate and I’m feeling like Daphne Blake

flowersOne of my favorite cartoons is Scooby Doo. When I arrive to visit my Mom today, I feel another mystery lurking. A vase of flowers is in my Mom’s apartment. I don’t dare ask where they came from because she will be unable to give me an answer. This cycle has repeated itself dozens of times in the past few years. If only she could share a memory. Those days are long gone and I’m happy she remembers me. Most conversations are me sharing my day or recounting a memory from our past.

The mysteries I face usually center around something that is missing — like her PJs. We would buy new pairs and they would disappear from her apartment within days.

Today, a vase of flowers has appeared and I’m curious where it came from. I feel like Daphne from Scooby Doo (except for the rich and glamorous part). She was never one to solve the mystery but was able to help through some clumsy act. I’m hoping I will fall over a clue as I visit with my Mom. Today, I am unable to unearth anything.

It’s nice to know that someone shared an act of kindness on my Mom. Even if she doesn’t remember, the positive energy shared on her spills over to everyone that visits. Pleased. 

3 thoughts on “The mysteries accumulate and I’m feeling like Daphne Blake

  1. Kay, I brought the mystery blooms for your mom! I ran into her the last time that I brought flowers for my mom. When I stopped to chat she commented that she thought they were beautiful. I promised her that I would bring a bouquet for her the next time I was feeling floral, and that was Wednesday. I found her in the afternoon after she was done with the Terrace Club. We had a nice, brief visit and her face really lit up when she realized the flowers were for her. It was a nice moment for both of us!

    1. Thank you! It’s the little things that matter. Today was a difficult day I will be sharing soon. The news doesn’t seem to ever be positive, so it’s always the small acts of kindness and humanity that confirm your involvement is important.

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