Are Brain Game Claims Scientifically Proven?

brainimageWe have seen the commercials and wondered if the advertising claims were real. Turns out that scientists have put out a joint consensus stating the limited value of these brain games. The statement, spearheaded by the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, formalizes concerns raised consistently over the years within the brain health community regarding the scientific validity of the claims made on behalf of the commercially available digital brain games. To learn more about this, visit Total Brain Health’s report: Show Me the Science: Leading Researchers Question Real Value of “Brain Games”

There are many studies that link dementia to lifestyle choices but I can’t ignore that the Alzheimer’s Association reports that age, family history, and heredity are the largest risk factors. I still believe what Dr. Oz and Dr. Green told me when I appeared on the Dr. Oz show and take Fish Oil supplements.

The snake oil salesman live on … whether it’s “hope in a jar” with a age-defying face cream, fish oil, or a “brain training” … the advertising claims appeal to our desire to live well. Let the buyer beware. Warned. 

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