3 Products To Simplify the Job of Every Caregiver

This story originally appeared on SpareFoot, and covered 11 products to help you organize in 2015. I’ve culled it down to three products that will simplify the job of every caregiver. Visit this link to read the complete list or read on to learn about the 3 products every caregiver should know about and how it will help you.

The number of accounts, documents and information you need to manage for yourself and your own household can be overwhelming. When I steped in to help my parents, it tripled the amount of information I needed to manage. Here are three things I have used to help organize their information so that I can easily find it, as well as protect it in a format that my siblings could easily understand and use if something were to happen to me.

1. MemoryBanc


MemoryBanc, is the award-winning system that comes in written or electronic formats, and prompts the users through the process of collecting and managing usernames; passcodes; and financial, medical, household and personal documents.

Today, “adults are creating written roadmaps to their documents, accounts and assets. Many are concerned about sharing key personal information in the cloud or a cloud-based solution and are using traditional pen and paper instead,” said Kay Bransford, president and chief curator of MemoryBanc. The written and flash drive formats make it easy to share the information with a loved one and keep the details of the individuals we are assisting organized.

2. Doorstep Digital


As the name implies, Doorstep Digital brings digital archiving to your door. In nine U.S. cities, digital archivists will come to your home to preserve photos, slides, negatives, documents and artwork. Company executives say this does away with the risk of priceless items being damaged or lost when they’re archived outside your home.

So far, the service is available in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; and Seattle, WA.

After my father passed away, I used a local photo scanning service to digitize selected photographs of his life that we used at his memorial service. I then had a way to share these photo’s with my siblings and created a digital archive of our most treasured family photographs.

3. Fujitsu Scansnap


Fujitsu Scansnap scanners reduce paper clutter by allowing you to scan and store an array of documents. Turner said such scanners are becoming more affordable.

“I’m not sure I would say that 2015 will be a breakthrough year, but I definitely see desktop scanners being fairly typical by 2020,” she said.

I have been managing my parent’s financial, personal and medical lives for over 3 years. This is the one tool that has helped me stay organized while not being overloaded with paper. Be careful – it’s addictive!

I hope you find one of these products or services can help you simplify your job as a caregiver. Wished.

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