The Complications of All Mobile Phone Family Plans

My son’s phone died. Of course my husband is traveling and my son is leaving for an overnight trip. I’m not used to the idea of him leaving without a phone. I can’t text him “nite-nite” and I can’t see where he is on the “find my iPhone app.” I really want him to have that phone before he goes.

Our mobile plan is all organized under my husband’s account. When I show up at BestBuy, I can get in with his social security number and validation of my phone account, but for this matter, we really need to login to the portal to understand our upgrade options. Right now I’m being told I will have to pay a $200 penalty on top of the new phone fee. That’s unacceptable.

For those families like mine where you divide and conquer accounts, bill pay, and household services, check out this free solution that captures usernames and passcodes. I know that the usage terms don’t allow for sharing, but I’m going to make sure that my family can get what we need when we need it. For that reason, I created a simple solution for sharing our online information so that a loved one could get what they needed in the event that either my husband or myself are traveling.

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