Helping Care for Loved Ones of All Ages

marymelissashow-297x300Recently I was interviewed on the Mary and Melissa Show which is led by two mothers who share the hurdles of raising kids with disabilities. While I walked into this business out of the need to help manage and support aging parents, I have learned of the ongoing needs to manage and organize a host of information for families who have children with disabilities.

Most people find the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services figure that reports at least 70% of Americans turning 65 will need three years of care frightening. As a country, we will struggle to care for loved ones in many ways. I have focused my experience on helping families avoid having to deal with the simple things that a little organization can solve. To learn more about how you can make sure you and your loved ones are ready, I hope you will listen to this show. Encouraged. 

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