The evolution of style in my mom with dementia

nailsOne of my mom’s caregivers dotes on her. She works to make her look good and more often than not, mom now has on blush and lipstick and is put together. Before the 4th of July, my mom told her caregiver she had never worn red nail polish. She said my dad didn’t like it, so she never wore it. I know in general, my mom never wore nail polish at all. I had tried on and off to give her a manicure or do them together, but my mom never enjoyed the process. Only later into her disease did she appreciate having someone do her fingernails for her.

For the Independence Day holiday, this caregiver painted her nails red and added star and stripe designs as an accent on two of her nails. My mom liked the red nail polish but is a little put off by the extra design. However, she accepted the addition and is still sporting her fancy nails.

It’s nice to see that mom accepts getting her nails done, having someone put on makeup and even try new hair do’s. She didn’t allow these luxuries before, but now it’s a kindness that she accepts. I’ve witnessed so many changes in my mom over the years, these are changes that I’m happy to see.  Pleased.

3 thoughts on “The evolution of style in my mom with dementia

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kay. I’m struck by both her caregiver’s generosity and your mother’s acceptance of something new.

  2. Kay,
    I really enjoyed this post and your mom being open to trying new things. My grandpa also has to learn to accept new changes in his care and everyday living situation as he ages with Dementia. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year as a healthcare professional myself (RN). I stumbled upon it when got more focused on the problems that seniors have with mobility and injuries, and I was immediately hooked by your focus on Dementia because my grandfather has Dementia.

    I currently have a project set to launch on Kickstarter called the step2rest ( ) that will launch next month. As a nurse, now focused on helping keeping the senior safe in their home, I thought I might share it with you. Would you be interested in doing a interview/guest entry/review on your blog? My hope is that it would add value to your audience, especially since it’s in line with helping keep seniors in their home.
    If you’d prefer to review the final copy of the product, I would be happy to send you additional information or perform a demo with you privately. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to future entries about the problems seniors face in their home.

    Vince Baiera R.N., BSN

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