Making Lemonade out of Lemons

agewyzI was interviewed by Jana Panarites about my journey as a sandwich generation caregiver and shared my dream that MemoryBanc would help millions of families avoid the difficulties my family faced. My parents did everything the estate lawyer, financial planner, and insurance adviser suggested–why wasn’t that enough? Find out by listening to this broadcast.

“Author and innovator Kay Bransford left her corporate career because she couldn’t work full-time, be a mom AND an effective medical advocate for her parents, who both had dementia and were in denial about their condition. In this episode, Kay shares her tough yet at times comical caregiving journey with mom and dad, and how it affected her relationship with her siblings and her kids. Caring for her parents not only changed Kay’s perspective on life, it led to a new career: the organizational book she created to manage her parents’ lives—and her own sanity—became the basis for MemoryBanc, an award-winning system Kay created to organize and protect documents, accounts, and assets.

To learn more about MemoryBanc, winner of the AARP Foundation’s “Older-Adult Focused Innovation” prize, click here:

5 thoughts on “Making Lemonade out of Lemons

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you, Kay. I’ve been following your blog so already knew some of the background but it was great to hear your voice and feel we were having a chat.

      1. Feeling better is helping my sleep pattern. As will the progress we have made here lately. There is no point in tolerating poor services. We praise when services are good and shout out when they are not. It has paid dividends: the evidence is there on my blog for all to see.

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