Would Overpaying by $800 Bother You?

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In 2015, I have saved our household $800. Better stated, I avoided overpaying for things we already owned. The first was a replacement mobile phone.While my husband was out of town, I was able to log in to his AT&T account and get a cheaper option than if I went to the AT&T store. The second item was for a dishwasher repair. When presented with the bill at the end of the service call, my husband knew it was covered by a warranty.

I think $800 is no insignificant amount of money for most households. However, it takes time and organization to avoid being overcharged for things to which you are entitled. On average, most individuals can put this together in less than 4 hours. Would you mind paying yourself $200/hour?

Every one can benefit. Today, disorganization is the most dangerous for modern couples that divide and conquer. Consumer Reports shared that only 3 out of 10 couples could cite and knew how to access the three largest financial accounts of their household—that means 7 out of 10 don’t! Consumer Reports went on to share that only 28 percent of couples are completely confident that their partner is prepared to assume responsibility of their joint retirement finances.

Because most Americans don’t have their information organized, $58 billion is sitting with state and federal treasurers in unclaimed money. Bank and retirement accounts, insurance benefits, and even tax refunds are lost in the shuffle of a move, personal crisis, and even death and end up getting turned over to the governing treasurer.

For those of you that like order or crave to be more organized and avoid the issues plaguing many American households, I hope you will download a free guide on what to save and what to shred. Not only will it give you a list of the key items to organize, it also includes the list of information that you should keep. This download provides an overview of the information and worksheets provided in MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life.

If you are interested finding out how much money you can save your own household, use the links below that offer a discount on this best-selling workbook that will prompt you through the collection of your important documents, accounts, and details.

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