Even Doctor’s Struggle to Help Their Aging Parents

heartOnce you find yourself on the caregiving journey, you will be introduced to a network of individuals who spend hours helping others because they know how difficult this journey is to walk alone. They see the holes in the safety nets being put around our loved ones and stay involved to make things better for the others.

One women I met when she was caring for her mom is Ellen. She was near the end of her caregiving journey, and we were just getting started. She shared this story with me which not only brought tears to my eyes, but filled me with relief to know that even a doctor recognizes the huge need for a bedside advocate, as well as the confusing nature of the medical system and how even small details can make a huge difference when it comes to care.

In the final weeks of my mom’s life, I was in the hospital after she broke her hip. I was lucky to have a colleague that is an Aging Life Care Professional and a nurse who was able to help me navigate mom’s hospital stay and guide me on how to ask for and get the right resources.

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  1. A heart-breaking story of things which should never happen, but still do. I know this is how it is here but somehow, it seems even of more shocking these things happen in America as well.

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