Tips for Grandkids/Millennials Dealing with Dementia

millennialI wanted to share a post written on The Millennial Digest. The author shared it with me right before my mom had a last, and life-ending critical event, so it’s taken me a while to post it. I appreciate that he is engaged and recognizes that one of the things he can do is to simply help his own parents who are helping care for grandmom.

I have often written about how my daughter helped as wing-man on my visits. Eventually, it got to a point where it was too difficult for her to visit emotionally. I had to pull on my big girl panties and manage alone. I also recognized how difficult the visits were becoming for me as mom got weaker and would sometimes pretend to know who I was.

For a new perspective and some ideas on how grandkids/millennials can help, please check out this post Dealing with Grandma. Shared.

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