What would my parents say?

KaywParents2013I was surprised to wake up to the news that Donald Trump would be our next President. My husband and kids all agreed we weren’t so happy with our options. This year felt very different because the issues weren’t really around political beliefs, but around personality, behavior and ethics. We found little room to really discuss the political views of the candidates.

I know my mom would have cherished a woman President, but I’m not sure what she would have made of the run up to the election. As career Army, I always guessed Dad was a Republican, but it wasn’t something he was likely to discuss. I’m not sure what my dad would have made of Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, but I do know he was a quiet leader and Donald Trump’s style would have made him bristle.

On days like this I realize it’s the small moments when I sure do miss them. Recognized.

3 thoughts on “What would my parents say?

  1. Kay I will miss these discussions with my parents deeply when they are gone! I love that you are sharing these thoughts and feelings because it helps with living elderly parents as well as the feelings for those already gone.

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