The Kindness of Strangers

heiberg-ii_usma_3dec16The small acts of so many made my job as a caregiver so much easier. Humanity includes many wonderful components we sometimes forget.

I just received a picture of the wreath that was laid in honor of my grandfather at West Point Cemetery. Not only do volunteers gently deposit it, they also take the time to take a picture and have it sent back to me so I can share it with the family.

Best wishes to all of us who are missing a loved on on this holiday.

I am grateful to all of those who helped me on my care-giving journey. Some of you stepped in to help when I needed to step back, or encouraged me on when I wasn’t sure I was able to continue. Many thanks. Remembered. 


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    The kindness of others brings such joy.
    Our family feel we had the visit of an “Xmas angel” when one of our dad’s auxiliary care aides gave personal time out of her Xmas morning to collect dad from his residential care home and accompany him to church and then took the time to email us a photo of a joyous looking dad with the vicar.

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