A Robotic Assistant? Sounds Good to Me!

robotA recent story about a robot that can help remind you to take a medication, shut the refrigerator door, and even detect diseases as they develop, made me hopeful that there are different ways to preserve independence as well as provide safety and wellness. One of the things the robot will do is monitor your health and would be able to detect diseases such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease by noting changes in behavior via different patterns of physical movement. HOORAY!

I imagine that I might be more likely to take feedback from a robot than I might my husband or kids. Please give me credit for at least admitting it! Am I alone on this one?

I think I believe the robot might be impartial, while my loved ones won’t be. It’s not incorporating years of history but looking at the facts independent of love, frustration, and maybe even over control.

Would my defense of “Not that not’s true” work on the robot who could list each incident that I forgot to take a medication on schedule, asked the same question repeatedly, or had issues with my balance?

A robot will NEVER replace the need for human contact, interaction, and help. They won’t really solve the problem, but will they at least help an older adult accept there might be one? Wondered. 

Would you consider a robot if it was affordable?


3 thoughts on “A Robotic Assistant? Sounds Good to Me!

  1. Kay, I really like the idea of an impartial robot providing feedback. One that could do all you say, and alert the right folks with updates on issues. I hope they are ready when I need one. My guess is Ms. Kitty would have said; “This thing is spying on me and lying! I think it stole my wallet!”

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