Tinkering with the Gamma Frequency in our Brains

A friend shared with me “Bringing the Gamma Back” which is a podcast from Radiolab. It shares the impact of light frequency treatment in mice. Those mice with with both early cognitive issues and full-blown Alzheimer’s positively responded to the light treatments. The amount of plaques reduced and they seemed to regain prior memories — all from just a one hour exposure to light pulsing at 40 beats per second.

Unfortunately, positive outcomes in mice rarely translates to humans. The reports from MIT seem to still be discussing the mice trials. I would have hoped given the zero risk of the treatment that someone might have started human testing.

Heck, after listening to the story, I am interested in figuring out how to set this up at home. Who’s brain couldn’t use a little cleaning?

It’s encouraging to see the vast array of new research, and I hope soon, something will land on a real way to slay the beast. Hoped. 








One thought on “Tinkering with the Gamma Frequency in our Brains

  1. *** Posted by a visitor. I am not sure if there are any reported results but would love for someone to tell me if they have experienced or seen data supporting the validity of the treatment. Thanks for sharing.

    In case you haven’t seen it, they are tinkering with it in humans, there is some ongoing research. There was a Facebook group that was able to get 30% discount, but i’m not sure that is still going on.


    Hope it lets me post the link, it’s the vielight neuro gamma.

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