Adopt a Healthy Diet – Aging Habit #3

healthy diet

I know I’m not alone when I somewhat wish there is a magic age at which we can eat whatever it is we want and it doesn’t matter any longer. Unfortunately, it’s not as we get older.

I do know that changes in our sense of taste and smell may impact our appetite, For some it may mean to eat and drink less. In general, I have noticed that around 70 most adults either seem to be underweight or overweight. Both have different complications to aging well.

When it comes to brain health — extra weight, high blood pressure and diabetes are risk factors for strokes. My mother had a minor stroke that left no physical reminders, but stole her short-term memory and changed her personality. She was always thin and lived on a diet that was high in fat with her go-to dishes being breakfast sausage in the morning and fried chicken at night.

In general I tend to follow the Mediterranean diet but freely admit I also love sugar. I know that moderation is the key and I can never eat too much fish. I also wonder if that guideline will change in my lifetime given concerns over plastic in water.

If you are caring for a loved one with memory loss, maybe it is the time to give them what they want to eat. With many forms of dementia your taste changes and getting someone to eat anything might be a challenge. The most important issue is to ensure they aren’t dehydrated. That can help brain function and minimize the issues for someone dealing with memory loss.

It’s never one thing, but the ideal that we need to continue and maybe even work harder to eat better as we age is a habit and mindset I am working to adopt. Admitted.

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