Assistive Technologies in the Home

I’ve been on the hunt for simple options in the home that will enhance engagement. We have Google Home in our house and we struggle (and laugh) at our inability to get answers to what we think are simple questions.

As many of us are concerned about loved ones that are isolated during this pandemic, I’m digging in to see if there are things I can give to enhance the lives of my loved ones and clients.

Two things I learned about were Echo Show and Birdsong. To learn more about their origins, and how they have been enhancing the lives of older adults watch this video.

I offered a client that lives alone to buy and program the Echo Show that converses with you using the name “Alexa”. It has video as well as audio and displays his calendar, and can accept and make video calls to others using the Alexa app. We are in month two and have noticed that he is taking his medication more regularly when “she” is in the home.


I have yet to have him really say anything glowing about it, but when I did remove it for a few days to update it, he asked about where it was … so I will take missing it being in the home as a positive response.

I have programmed it with prompts to:

  • take medication
  • get and drink a glass of water
  • remind him it is laundry day or trash day
  • load the dishwasher

He has to be in the kitchen to hear it, but I have embedded some of the reminders with updates on the weather, a run down of his day, good news, jokes, and even interesting stories.

He lives alone and covid has made us all feel isolated. My hope is that this will only enhance his day-to-day well being.

Please tell me if you have found success with any technologies. Curious. 

Here are two options for the Amazon Echo, the second one is more expensive. While I do not sell ads on my site or accept placed promotions, I may receive a small commission on products purchased through these links.

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  1. I love this sharing of ideas to assist loved ones to continue to live as independent of a life as their health allows. I want to support my loved ones in a way that meets their needs but also keeps them safe.

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