Did you know Dad was in a Wheelchair?

wheelchairOn a daily basis I call my parents. When my brother’s text arrived asking ” Did you know that Dad was in a wheelchair?” I’m alarmed. I just called my parents yesterday and there was no mention of a fall, an issue or a wheelchair.

I first call my brother who tells me that when he spoke to our Mom today, she mentioned that Dad is now in a wheelchair. They could not remember when he got it or exactly why. I do recall watching when I visited my parents a few days ago that my Dad was limping. When I asked him, he just responded that his leg is a little sore.

Three years ago, my dad broke his hip. To me, that was a pivot point in his cognitive decline. I believe the surgery was very difficult on him. However, he easily bounced back physically and was playing racquetball within three months of the surgery.

I tell my brother I’m alarmed that the nursing staff didn’t call to tell me they issued a wheelchair for Dad. I immediately call them and they confirm that my Dad is not in a wheelchair. What is going on?

I finally connect with my parents on the phone and they confirm to me that Dad is in a wheelchair. If the staff doesn’t know about it — did my Dad possibly take someone else’s wheelchair? Puzzled.