It’s Nice To Be Liked

VIBAwardAugust was a doozy – so much for the dog days of summer in my house this year. Early in August, A Journey with Mom  and Ann Anhnemouse both nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  It took me a few days to even get to the blog to write or even respond to comments. Thank you both for the nomination.

Ann Anhnemouse shares the story of living with her partner and his dementia and A Journey with Mom shares the journey she is traveling with her mother.

It’s nice to be liked and I would like to repay the complement to several other bloggers. The rules are simple:

  • Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

7 Facts about me include:

  1. I live right outside Washington, DC with my husband and two children. I was the only local child, but have 3 supportive siblings who have been engaged on this journey with me. It wasn’t easy, but we made a pact early on to not let this divide us and set up ground rules and roles that have served us well.
  2. As my parents dementia became more pronounced, my interest in tennis grew and I’ve become an amateur competitive tennis player.
  3. I’m crazy competitive, so my family is happy I finally have an outlet outside the household for my competitive zeal.
  4. I’m an introvert when you meet me, but a loyal friend for life once you know me.
  5. I’m a fanatic about process and logic and sometimes a little too stubborn.
  6. I believe in God and that my parents’ dementia lead me into the place I should fill here on earth.
  7. I’m passionate about using what I’ve learned to help others.

An additional fact is that I love paper books, so I have a hard time spending a lot of reading time at my computer. I’m not sure I can come up with 15 amazing blogs, but I have several that I value and I hope you will consider following:

  • Mom and Dad Care – This blog offers many news stories around dementia, care giving, and life choices that I would never see. He is like my own personal news curator. Thank you Butch.
  • Well This is What I Think – Stephen “Yolly” Yolland is an Australian/British businessman, marketing expert, advertising guru, writer, social and political thinker, speechmaker, media presenter, author and now: published poet and author of Well, This is What I Think. He sends me personal notes and tips on news stories, which I love, and he has a sarcastic bent that often tickles my funny bone on a wide variety of topics. The latest story he shared was on the possible link between a Vitamin D deficiency and Dementia. Thank you Yolly.
  • Top 10 of Anything and Everything – Somethings you just need silly and this blog delivers. The most recent to tickle my funny bone was the Top 10 Funny Images of Cat Flowers. No more needs to be said on that, right?  Thank you.
  • Portrait of a Morbid Optimist – Katryna Mary Brooke Ormiston shares her journey caring for her Dad. Thank you Katryna.
  • Going Gentle Into That Good Night – Sandra Ross provides practical, researched information as well as published helpful books for those caring for loved ones with dementia. Thank you Sandra.
  • A Swift Current – Poetry, Art and short snippets into her life and those around her with dementia. Thank you Hallie.

Several that have already gotten the award that I saw on their site but that are terrific include:

For those of you that comment, remark, encourage … thank you for the comments and Likes. They make the spent blogging about my journey not just therapeutic, but tremendously rewarding. Let’s keep talking. Encouraged. 

MemoryBanc named a finalist in the GW Biz Plan Competition

gwbizplanAs my parents have successfully adapted to their new living arrangements in Assisted Living, the business that I started in response to our situation is blossoming. 

To help fill in the gaps left by my durable power-of-attorney and modern-day business practices, I created a binder to organize and manage my parents personal, financial, medical, online and household needs.  Enough people asked me about it who were facing similar situations that I brought the product to market. Like any good entrepreneur, I was driven and started to sell the product but never stopped to finish the business plan.

As I entered 2013, my goal was to create more structure and a road map for MemoryBanc. I’m crazy competitive. Two friends who were helping me with the business teamed up with me to enter the GW Business Plan Competition.

The GW Business Plan Competition  is a series of educational events and active mentorship on new venture creation. This year, 109 entries were submitted in the first round, which concluded in January 2013. From those initial submissions, only 33 were invited to write full business plans, and from them, only 8 teams made it to the GW Business Plan Competition Finals. These 8 finalists, including MemoryBanc, will present their business plans and ideas to a panel of distinguished entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, and GW alumni.

MemoryBanc will vie for $60,000 in cash prizes in the 2013 GW Business Plan Competition Finals that are being help Friday, April 19, 2013.

Date: April 19, 2013

Time: MemoryBanc will present around 3:00 PM and is the final team to present. There is the possibility they may present up to a half hour before or after this scheduled time.

Cost: Free

We would love for those of you that are in the metro DC area to join us. RSVP at to save your spot! You will receive a name badge and can join the reception. EXCITED!